Monday, June 21, 2010

A while ago the second-grade teacher asked me to print out drawings of maybe a garden, something for the second graders to color in "with pointillism" "that will take them a long time to finish."

So I hated everything I could find for free online, so I decided the real point of working with kids is to regress, so I drew:

The kids especially liked the kitten-squirrels in the tree, but my favorite is the rabbit-anteater-bear:

Tomorrow is a field trip! The other assistant and I had to plan games. Remember Red Rover? That is the absolute most fun but someone absolutely always gets hurt. Just like teaching adjectives by having the students describe one another.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I loved Porto. I think it's one of those cities that's been waiting for me for a while, so that even the pink guys in hats didn't bother me really. We also saw some local corners I wouldn't have found without Hannah or without getting lost. And oh the fishes we ate. So many creatures disappeared that weekend. Well.

But mostly we didn't photograph that place. Half the time I was by myself, which is a wonderful way to travel. But sometimes I was in Lisbon (no photos) and in Sintra's fantasy castles,

in the sweep of this force:

So let's drink sweet wine in the name of love.