Friday, April 24, 2009

Multimedia blog update! (tho I hate to see my Bechdel self scoot ever down the page ugh)

Firstly all things taste good in a pita, and all things look good from a balcony-y, particularly in sunlight, and any plaza with so many children playing and so many adults selling beer cans hidden in the trash cans and so much sunlight and so much pita full of hummus and dal while I look at it must feel like a neighborhood.

I'm putting everything in pita these days. It's the warm weather. Now I'm going to a party--made red pepper hummus and bought cheap rice wine from a Chinese-owned grocery store, and come to think of it what country am I even in. I made up a tierful joke nobody at the party will understand. It has to do with the concept of a pity party and the fact that everyone will have brought hummus and baguettes*. Instead everyone will be making a joke YOU guys won't get, which is that it is a mostly-gay party and everyone who will not have brought hummus will have brought tortilla de patatas.

This song by Clams' friend Dibs is beautiful: href=""

*You get the first joke, right? [(pity-y)+party]+a=pita partyyyy!!!! but everyone will have brought baguettes, which is a PITY!!!!! ha! what is the area of a full circle? ha HA! okay party time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I had a good conversation with a student yesterday:

Me: Well, I need to go prepare my next class now.

Him: You prepare your classes?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

OH my gosh.
So, some news is good news: Alison Bechdel DREW me. She drew me!

I---it's----oh! Man! Yow! (Mang I take comfort knowing my Bechdel self is much more articulate than the self I have right now. Whenever I am at a loss for words I will look to her, smugly logophiliac, recently caffeinated).

Look, she drew my arms and hand exactly as they are in the photo. My face is smarter in the picture, but my arms hold exactly what they held.

Trivia: Jaya Ch. took this photo when she visited me in Madrid in 2007!
Significa: Ben Stevens romanced this photo from Bechdel when she visited Bard. This was the exchange as documented by B. Stevens:

I started the Q&A by asking whether
she could draw as a cartoon someone from a photograph?

"Sure!", Alison said.

A photograph I had printed out from facebook? (I printed out three,
for options.)

"She looks like a cartoon character already!", Alison said.

Flummery: I did not request such a favor, but I absolutely implied that, you know, if I were to be in the presence of the creator of "Dykes to Watch Out For" and "Fun Home" I would definitely do something nice for any luckless absentee in my life. Ben, and Bechdel, went far beyond my wildest hinting.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Tonight was horrible. Supposed to be gorgeous, but made horrible. Later I'll say why, but I wanted to mark this before throwing myself into bed. Horrible, horrible.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

There are many things to say and do, but I had an unexpectedly carefree day and spent it on a ten buck haircut.

It has all the bumps and innecessities needed to justify my historically 30buck haircuts, without the charm of the free ones (O Christine) often ignored by historians, but anyway, awesome.

Spring! Also spite. Ten or so males whose business my looks are not have told me not to cut my hair since I let it ducktail out. So I curtailed it, bitchily.

UPDATE: I confused myself while using the verb "ducktail," and spent some time googling. The ducktail haircut is a 50's dude presley thing, and this is from the obituary of the inventor, one Mr. Cirello:

"Mr. Cirello, who lived in Williamstown, N.J., and operated a shop in Society Hill for years, said he perfected the DA around 1939 by experimenting on a blind boy who used to keep him company in the shop. ``He didn't know what was going on,'' he recalled in a 1979 Inquirer interview. ``He didn't ask. He just sat there. He was only too glad for the company. And I was only too glad to have him to work on.''