Wednesday, April 01, 2009

There are many things to say and do, but I had an unexpectedly carefree day and spent it on a ten buck haircut.

It has all the bumps and innecessities needed to justify my historically 30buck haircuts, without the charm of the free ones (O Christine) often ignored by historians, but anyway, awesome.

Spring! Also spite. Ten or so males whose business my looks are not have told me not to cut my hair since I let it ducktail out. So I curtailed it, bitchily.

UPDATE: I confused myself while using the verb "ducktail," and spent some time googling. The ducktail haircut is a 50's dude presley thing, and this is from the obituary of the inventor, one Mr. Cirello:

"Mr. Cirello, who lived in Williamstown, N.J., and operated a shop in Society Hill for years, said he perfected the DA around 1939 by experimenting on a blind boy who used to keep him company in the shop. ``He didn't know what was going on,'' he recalled in a 1979 Inquirer interview. ``He didn't ask. He just sat there. He was only too glad for the company. And I was only too glad to have him to work on.''


Anonymous said...

methinks you look ducky and lovely and sleepy

Anonymous said...

also (tho i hate the "b' word) dig the pun in cur-tailed/bitch-ily

Anonymous said...

your mama thinks you look adorable. does anything else matter?