Monday, March 30, 2009

I like when I am doing anything and then the song iTunes plays is one of my friends's.


Hark RSS said...

ooooh. how are you darling?

Anonymous said...

echoing RSS: how are you?

Your mother was a one-person picket today--brave and bald in the sunshine in front of Building #24. People stopped. They asked what was up. Education about sick leave and workers' rights (mainly lack thereof) happened.

Let her one-person picket blog into something bigger, like collective recognition that most people want honorable work for living compensation more than they want a handout and exile.

Here's to you, working and living in exile, splitting my antithesis as always,


Anonymous said...

who was the friendseses, what was the musickity? love from your mum. p.s. i made my banner out of my mom's tablecloth (the fuchsia one with stsripes) and pinned letters made from tshirts on it. The letters were:
it wasn't so informative, but it was nice to have my mom withme, fabrically.

Sophie said...

I want to hear more about the protest.

About the music---it's a general phenom of which I am fond, is the point.

Anonymous said...

Managerial One:

The two of us laboring stateside got your point yet still wouldn't mind knowing which of your friends' tracks came up recently. Maybe our shuffle matched your shuffle, or to be more typically phlegmatic, maybe our snuffle synch'd with your'n.

Irrelevant links help.

Love and bargaining,