Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I never posted Carnaval photz.

Well Carnaval is not such a huge thang in Madrid, though there is some weird tradition where a sardine is buried... but stuff was fab enough in Toledo. We went to a house party, then a plaza party (with a big paid-for sounding cover band and zillions of costumed people. Smaller town means I think elaborater costumes) and then a converted mosque (converted into a dance club, ooh this world) (that was probably the most fun of all) and then oh chocolate and churros and heavily slept through bus ride home. But Toledo, strangers:

We the Madrid contingent did not dress up so much. Truthfully we were pathetic. Ewan and Ivan were "rockstars." Gonzalo + Juanjo + MarĂ­a were "hippies." Elen and Keith were two Americans who took an earlier bus to hacer Toledan tourism and were exhausted.

I was "a dude."

Kids in Toledo were dressed to the nines, often in groups of that or more. A huge group all in one costume...6 cross dressed brides, 5 pawns, eight Snow Whites would not be a ridiculous troupe. The whole thing was so silly, so wigged and extraneous and cute.

E+I+I's embarassingly attractive friend A all went to a week-after-Carnaval costume party.

Note Ivan's hat, the same hat (his) I wore the wknd before.


Hark RSS said...

holy shit keith, a beard! ofmg mg fmg! internet letters that mean things!

Anonymous said...

hello! I like the larky bits! love, mom

Anonymous said...

as impressive or as surprising as that beard is, i am most taken with sophia's mustache--and with how much she and her brother Sam match now

carnival-style farewells,


Bearlen said...

cute! me pics. and who is that handsome dude?
oh right, its you!