Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dang, dearheart, is Granada beautiful or hwhat. Spent a day or so with hippies from the olden studenten days of Madrid, whom've max-exodized to Granada proper, where rent is a hundred a month and nobody can find enough work to pay even that. I crashed in a three person house with about a hundred other people. Reminder: Granada is all white with orange trees and china plates on the inner and outer walls of its houses.

Imagine I took photos!

This tiny beautiful person taught me to make coffee with ginger. Another taught me how to make cheese in twenty minutes with only milk and lemon juice. Wow really cool.

Here are what these people are nicknamed: Codo, Chema, Mele, Fani ("Fani eez funny!"), Almu...

I wish I had photographs! Then we went camping at this free festival thing. Tristan was there! Like a fairytale! And we froze at night in a circle of crowded tents but in the morning we could eat! That's the best part about camping: eating outside with lots of people. Baked potatoes and zillions of torn off bread hunks with stuff. I didn't even get sick til I hitched a ride home with some kids who umm were sleep impaired. An' ate a bunch of sausage and paprikachip sandwiches. OH my gosh never again.

That's the story! Also, today I found 20 bucks, my phone charger, and affordable greek yogurt. Oh ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so happy you wrote something; it's like imagining I'm watching you in the WIZARD OF OZ. Granada will do. So sad you've been sick. Me, too, in sympathy upset--from bad oatmeal maybe (that cream'll kill ya). Let's imagine we're well.


papa (i.e., anonymous)

Anonymous said...

I cannot find a photo on the internet of the plates on the houses! Do you mean like tiles/decorative/sunk in concrete?
very fond of this posting, except it reminds me that to remind you that nOBODy in our family is allowed to be sick in April or May.
we have all been sick enough.
health, honeypie. love, mom