Monday, October 16, 2006

Alcalá de Henares

Julieta and I made two trips last weekend, one to Alcalá de Henares, and one to Ávila. I'd like to say I'm sticking around Madrid this weekend, buuuut I'm going to Burgos with SIJA, a university group. I don't really like joining clubs, groups with paid membership, etc, but membership is part of the AYA program. It's probably a good idea, because it will put me in nodding acquaintaince with more Spanish students.

Right. Alcalá de Henares:

The buildings have huge birdnests on top. They are so huge and perfect, placed at the very peaks of the rooftops, secure, absurd. I wondered if the city PUT them there, they are so perfect.

Julia and I then stumbled upon the house Cervantes was born in. There was a room full of different editions of Don Quixote, including one illustrated by Salvador Dali (like the amazing bible in the chapel at Bard. Oh I have thumbed carefully through that, have I ever).

'nother nest.

Not pictured: Julia and I eating fantastic truffles.

Soon to be pictured: Ávila. Then Burgos. Then dinner. I took a photo of dinner once, and now whenever María José makes anything slightly interesting she calls "Sophia, you can take a photo and eat dinner now." Look, I take pictures because I like writing captions, okay? Okay.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Julie said:
Sophie! I want to see Toledo and Alcala de Henares with you! Too late - you went, and I can't afford to go... Charlie and I love Man of La Mancha, so the Don Quixote illustration and the rock crushing reference has us quoting the musical (whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone, it's going to bad for the pitcher). My favorite part of your Toledo story, though, is the youth hostel/castle trespassing. What an adventure! (and view) Your blog has given me the feel of Spain. Someday...

Kazoo Death Slowly! said...


i passed your Borders today and tipped my hat

I didn't know you had to compete with a Barnes and Noble!

I miss you much
I am doing very well
and have exclusive sophie news
that only sophie could truly appreciate

hint: kink.

i've said too much. love

Anonymous said...

maybe if you stand very still near the top of the stairs before a party a bird will build you a nesthatchapeau like in Maebelle's Suitcase. I liked the story about Take A Photo, Eat Your Dinner because that is a BAUERLEIN TRAIT, your inner Kansan emerges. love from themama

Anonymous said...


It's Nick from Paradiso. I'm reading How To Be Alone by Jonathan Franzen and I think I've just come to the essay you were telling me about. Was it called Mr. Difficult? The one where he talks about being torn between being an artist and producing something people will understand. And he goes on to talk about reading Gaddis? Is that the one? If it is I'm enjoying it. I'm glad to here you are doing well. Your mom said she's going over in December to see you.

All the best,