Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We all have words which have become instincts. Curses, exclamations. Because they're instinctual, they don't translate. My program director says Wow when you talk to her in Spanish. A lot of U.S. students here drop Likes or You Knows in their otherwise-spanish sentences. We all curse in English when we stub our toes. (Grandma! I've met some nice girls from St. Mary's!) I'm not sure why, because I don't thiiiiiink I said it in the U.S., but when I'm astonished here I gulp out "oh-my-gosh."
I said that a LOT in Granada, which is now on my long useless list of Places to Live Forever.

If you ignore Matt and Julia and I, this is a really pretty picture. If you don't ignore us, um, your loss? Seriously, what awfully ugly kids.

The point is, I have a new photo album website, because flickr let me upload about 4 pictures of vibrant captivating Granada. So here:


All about Granada, oh-my-gosh Granada.

In other news! I am being busy! Tomorrow I spend lunch speaking English of all things with a nice talkative girl from my Islam class. The time after that we'll speak Spanish, and so on. Practical!
Thursday I'm actually tutoring (speaking English, but officially) and getting paid a lot. Awesome!
Friday the police will give me permission to live here all year. This is important, but does not merit an exclamation mark.
Monday I take the final for my so-pleasurable Picasso class and fail or fly.
Thursday morning I fly to Paris on the wings of my triumphant Picasso test taking and spend Thanksgiving in the romance capital of the world. I've had my Thanksgivings in the funniest places, since I left home.


Jaya! said...

Is that boots I see on Sophie?

I adore your photos, Granada looks brillliant.
Have a beautiful time in Paris, and
I vermisse you! (Now speak i English like this. :) )

Oh Sophie! I learned how to say Overalls in Spanish. Do you know? It's beautiful.

Julia Eichstedt said...

Oi, qué horror! Qué feo! Es como los setenta!

Anonymous said...

you are all three absolutely beautiful and loved and adorable and i don't think blogs should be used to defame people who are absolutely beautiful, loved, and adorable. signed, Incensed Mother of One of the Defamed

Anonymous said...

Aunt louise is writing to Sophie for the first time on her blog. I'd write in espanol pero no hay acentos en la computadora plus engish is easier. It sounds like Spain is very exciting, new, different and your spanish is muy bien. I can't wait to converse contigo next year. I'm working at Pacheco now so my spanish is getting better and better and I have lots of little 5 year old teachers-they are so cute. I bet you are so excited to see your mom and Rosie in December-how fun--Merry Christmas and Thanksgiving and days to you.