Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, news. I have a job teaching + tutoring English, mostly test prep courses, with a company called Club Ivy (http://clubivy.com/). I guess their angle is that they're gonna get you into Harvard. I start this evening.

And, other news: my my my poet and I are meeting early next week.

And more other news: Rob and Keith are apparently coming to Madrid. I'm excited to catch up with them, though I'm also cramping around the idea of seeing anyone I know well. I just got here, I'm still finding footprints.

+ more news. Here's a photo taken by E. of my street at night:

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Anonymous said...

Ooh! It looks just like the vespa stolen from Lola in Run,Lola,Run...the theft of which makes her late to pick up Manni, which is why he takes the metro, which is why he leaves the bag of money behind, which is why the whole movie unchains.... So, if you see the guy who stole Lola (the bestest girl)'s vespa, you wag your finger at him. love, mom