Friday, October 03, 2008

Since graduation I have had these dreams about friends from Bard in which we hug. The hugs are not just visual or narrative dream-hugs, but physically felt. On waking and thinking "What did I just dream about?," I am answered by the physical memory of embrace. It's nice, though sad: a lot of the hugs are goodbye hugs, as if I were seeking closure subconsciously. Others are of reunion, which is sadder.

Graduation is one of those big losses it takes one a year to swallow, I guess.

In other news: I wish I could have photos without having to take photos. Madrid is a stunner, but I'll never sink below her coiffed surface if I'm schlepping bout a camera.


Anonymous said...

Pictures of coif'd surfaces would be all right with me. Please stoop to schlepping once or twice a week.

Papa, with bedhead

basha said...

you had a dream where you carried me around like a little bear.

this is to say, i found your blog!