Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks Ma!


Ariel said...

Hunny bunny bear,

Nuthin to say. Was in LA with Anne the Royston who drove me to Bard and thinks you are gorgeous. I miss you, and am going back to the farm tomorrow for a few days to help the Lizzy move out.

Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress, beautifuller you, who yet I thought had moved into a bigger space, no? The plus side is that low-ceiling spaces are easier to heat.

No smiley-face emoticon, just your
papa, with lurv.

Sophie said...

My room has a super high ceiling and no heating! Now what I need is a taller computer screen.

Ariel's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

oh well, your mom didn't get my joke, either

Sophie said...

i GOT the joke, paw, i just wanted to assert how cold i am and how possible jumping is

Anonymous said...

jumping'll make you less cold