Wednesday, April 14, 2010

granada pt. 2 pt. 1

So firstly, yah, we couldn't escape La Alhambra this trip. We couldn't get in it, either, but that's just so typical of omnipresences. Cuz Bea's cave home was up a mountain from whence the Alhambra was just always There. Plus if you go to Granada the Alhambra IS always there, in the good dark beer and in what people ask you about and in the heartz and soulz. So here, we got into the gardens, check it:

But most importantly we got around it.

You should wikipedia the Alhambra, man.

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Anonymous said...

As I've been addressed as The Man, I'll comply, I'll wiki tikki tembo no surrembo.

Lovely pics, once again--thanks for them and for the ubiquitous ukes.