Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Granada Pt.2 Pt.3

This is a cave where a bea hibernates.

And here where her guests carry their candles.

Outside the bea's bedchamber, a sink one must bring the water to and take the water from, and a gas stove.

Outside! You can sit here in the sun in the morning.

If you look left you see this:

And sometimes when you look down you see this!

And that is the end of the story of the bea and the two dirtylocks who lived up in the gypsy mountain.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this story, this picturebook, this sequence with implied soundtrack.

And it's cool that Bea lives in a real cave. I grew up in a house with a den, but it wasn't a den that had ever been an animal lair. Bea's cave may be a cave, but it was also once a cave.

You guess who.

permaria said...

your father is a kind of art, a sequence that repeats, and pleases... love, mom
p.s. i want to live in a cave (remember "we were tired of living in a house..." not the best book, but an excellent concept)