Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pictures taken by me . . . of me! For you!

The cheap pants! The jacket! I'm blurry!

The new sweater! (me wearing white?) (me looking very sweet?)

The new jacket! I've a very superior expression in this picture because I was thinking how greener-than-grass my jacket was. However, the lighting in my room is vicious and it looks blah green.

The new attitude! This is a picture of my FEELINGS.

Love yous!


p.s. i have more pictures of you newyorking said...

come to germany already. you are so close!
to see your german bear

Jaya! said...

you are beautiful.

oh hey, I learned something . . .
te quiero!

Anonymous said...

I like your green jacket! It looks grey to me! I like your new sweater! You don't look like a rugby player in it, though. I like your self-portraits. I hugged the screen. ouch. kinda bumped my eyebrow. i still cannot read any comments by anyone else, not that i need to, but it seems part of the i must have a blooper identity! love, YOUR MAMA

Ariel said...

I love you love you love you love you I MISS YOOOOOOU

Anonymous said...

Hola Sophia! (so-fee-yuh!)
como estas tu? ha ha ai added on the tu
(como estas usted...=0...)
SO yo me gusta (me gusta) chequeta! Yo tengo (how do you say new..?) boots..(tenis..BUTA? ha ha, umm those are socks.. NVM!!)
weeellll i love you so much(te quiero muchissimo!) and my spanish teacher told me i have a really good accent! Ha HA! you are adowabo. (adoraaaable)
76 DAYS!!!!! ahhhhhh quivering with excitement....