Friday, September 22, 2006

Th' Language

Spanish people use the phrase "the whole world" to mean everyone in the room, both in conversation and in print. They also use "for the best" the way we use "for the worst;" this can be scary.

Spanish speakers are as heartless as Americans about their language. "Limphogar" is my favorite worst business name: limpiar/hogar: to clean/house: housecleaning. Limphogar. Hideous, even considering that the "p" is hard and the "h" silent.

The slang and the Bad Word, called "tacos," which is stupid, are very enjoyable, though. Very expressive.

"Porfa-please" M. José said to me the other day. "That's Spanglish."

La Noche en Blanco

Tomorrow night should be really fun. On the bread-and-circuses model, Madrid is having a night of free cultural attractions. Museums open until seven in the morning, guided tours of theaters, circuses. No bread, I lied about the bread. We might not even have time to eat dinner if we go to what I want to see, which is "Merma nuncamuere," a homage to Miró using giant puppets he designed. I will definitely not take pictures, but someone will, and they will post them on the internet, and I will link you up.

Also I miss you all very much.


Ariel said...

I think it's funny that I got a blog to comment but now I can remember neither my name or my password. Oh well.

I love you! I want Spanish food! I want Madrid nights! I want weather warm and people right! But I've got a Jewish Maedchen, and I shall be fine with that.

henry said...

i'm confused about your comment to christine's entry. if i translate which URL? meaning your blog's name? For Sun For Water? I can't for the life of me translate christine's blog's name. last week i realized why i have so much free time on wednesday nights now that i'm graduated.