Monday, February 12, 2007

To Ariana and anyone who likes us: the pictures from your (her) trip to Madrid are up (on my shutterfly account) ( up up.

In other news, I am not a tortilla prodigy. José came in, giggled at my efforts, and then got serious and said tortilla española is difficult! He will teach me! I said thank you, and would you like some half-baked potato slices with a trim of scrambled egg?*

*which is what tortilla esp. becomes if you are not a tortilla prodigy.


Kazoo Death Slowly! said...

First of all, you misspelled the link, second of all, I look hilarious yet sexy in all the pictures, so fix the first of all post haste.


sophie the baby

what if sophie the baby one day is sexy? ah, truly nothing gold can robert frost.

me for now said...