Saturday, February 17, 2007

A charming account of Christine's visit to Madrid can be found on Christine's abroad-for-a-year-blog,

I saw a terrible zarzuela today. What does that mean? I've learnt that bad actors are the same in Spain as they are in California, New York, Minnesota...

Grump, grump. The Bard kids are here and they are terribly nice. We none of us talked much there, yet here they are and we all get along. They are all in long-distance relationships, dear lord. The non-Bard-AYA girl, Kate, is a sweetheart too. She carries a little pen of Tide to clean kebab stains off her sleeves. For reals.

My other New American is Caitlin Liss, who's here au pairing two rambunctious spanish boys. She has to travel an hour and a half to get to my house, but here she is! Here! In this picture! With the kids!

Yeah, I like them! They're no MattandJulia, but they are (left to right) Caitlin, au pair; Mary Kate, ex-punk ex-nanny; Elizabeth, who carries coffee in a jam jar and makes hummus every day in Maria José's kitchen!; Sam who has already made 2.50 bu
sking in a park; Jessica whose ear is so spangled with earrings I have difficulty not turning into a fish and swimming into it; Kate whose bag today held, along with Tide and antibacterial gunk, a deck of cards and a novel by Graham Greene.

This is them in my loungey basement living room, eating a huge dinner we all made together in my tiny dormlike kitchen. The food is hummus and pita, good vinagery salad, sliced chorizo, too much pasta, wine and carrot orange juice. Dessert was a lot of good cookies and strawberries. Pre-dinner was goat cheese, pears, and pastis. Why do I write all of this down? Why do I write it on the internet, forcing my mother and aunts to read it? I usually write good times and things (like meals) down in order to relive them, but I am actively reliving this meal as it is: my breakfast, lunch, and snacks today all came from the leftovers filling my fridge.

I'm happy! Even though some classes start monday, and I don't know my schedule at all, I'm happy. I saw a nice concert on Valentine's day in a bar, played by a busker Ariana and I met in the subway. He was quite good, though, like my Spanish teacher, he really really likes Ben Harper. He also likes Joanna Newsom and Ramona Cordova, though, making him the only Canary Islander I've met who's heard of either.

Much love and much more!


Anonymous said...

Hey sophia! Looks like you are living the life. Here I am stuck in claremont attending school whilst you cavort around spain you lucky dog. Well, mom says hi, she cannot figure out how to post a comment.

Julia Eichstedt said...

Sophia mi amorcita....leer tu blog casi me hace llorar. Te echo de menos. Te echo de menos. Te echo muchisimo de menos. Quiero comer humus en tu sotano y bailar en la calle contigo. Y tomar cafe y hablar por horas y horas sin que nos preocupemos por leer libros de 500 hojas y escribir 208576795 trabajos. Te voy a visitar con Andre y unos amigos en Abril, creo. Te parece bien?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, who is your mom, (aMOMymous) says tell kate that your mom once had tea with the poor neglected wife of Graham Greene and Looked at all her magnificent dollhouses. While her husband was busy writing and being a meanie, she was busy building incredible dollhouses with unbelievable furnishings...and occasionally showing them to the stray american child who wandered by....someplace in Oxford, I think. i was little. i don't remember geography. I do remember the tea cart wobbled. I am going to LEARN how to post this comment!!!!