Monday, March 12, 2007

Robot is busted, burst, retired. For this reason I´ve been so negligent of my communicative duties. A friend of a friend says he´ll fix it, bless him, but until then I´m enjoying my internetless productivity. I´ve been tearing through books by Valle-Inclan, Unamuno,´s thrilling to realize I´m reading in Spanish for pleasure (also for class!).

But there is so much news! José had painted our floor deep blue, the kitchen floor deep red--I went to Barcelona with Erasmus, European student network, and it was mostly really fun--Jake is coming in a week to visit for almost a week! I´m fat and happy. I´ve pictures of Barcelona to put up once Robot is fixed, but here´re Elizabeth and I as snapped by Katie:


I send one vague good hope out to all of you.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! we read together wesniffled we said so gorgeous our girl

ben said...

good lord you're adorable!