Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jake was here, is in Paris, we had fun. I dragged him to lots of things which required spanish (he does not have spanish)-- open mic! Lyrically interesting concerts! Political poetry reading and vegan dinner in squatted house! We also did the museums and big green park (springing!) and Caitlin L. came with us to those and the tail end of a flamingo concert in La Peña, where José works.

Flamenco means flamingo. I never had known. Sandra dances flamingo dance and José teaches flamingo guitar. Exquiz!

I´ve been around and around. I´m staying here for the Semana Santa, seeing the parades and being as spanish as I can. I´d like to show you more of my new life here, but I think I don´t even have a picture of Sandra yet, and we LIVE together. Spanish people make fun of me when I take pictures. Also, Codo´s friend is still fixing my computer, allegedly chargelessly. How do I know so many people? Streety people, people I run into in the subway--what was your name again? Come to my concert!

Pictures as soon as I have them. Words as soon as now. Me whenever you need me and promises for all.


Anonymous said...

Mom says Be Spanish, But Eat Salad! LOVE YOU! we are off to nana' s hundredth birthday party in a park, with carrot cake decorated with egyptian mummies and sarcophagi and a pyramid. and walnuts. try translating THAT into Spanish! Wish you could be with us! We will all be missing Nana, but in a celebratory way. I LOVE YOUR BLOGGITY from Mom

Anonymous said...

yay! you wrote things! what a grand surprise!

love, emmmma

Chastity said...

People should read this.