Sunday, April 01, 2007

flurrying! elizabeth (the tiny person next to me two entries down) and i and her friend chase are going to MOROCCO in four hours! i just finished buying the tickets, my lord. the subway, a bus, a ferry, our six feet. what are we doing? i don't know! chase planned the rest. so they say. we'll see. we plan to be very safe and very dirty. i'm sure there are enough terrible tourists (me! me!) to have vacuumsucked internet caf├ęs into existence, so i'll write home, you betcha.

gone gone!


Anonymous said...

MOROCCO! Say yes to rococo and no to scirocco and try not to be kidnapped, because i just read in the la times that the song Rule Britannia (R.B.! B. rules the waves! Britons never never never will be slaves!), a truly weird song, was written because so many british citizens were kidnapped by pirates and sultans and such in morocco and thereabouts. My heart leapt up! Morocco!? not where my Sophie ventures!? then i sang the song fifty times while i washed fifty dishes. much love and safe travels from momocco!

Ariana said...

scary! good luck!