Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Importance! My computer is busted and I got a new haircut. There are no photos of the hair, and if I had them I couldn´t post them here ANYWAY cuz of my computer. This is good, because I feel very, very uncertain about it. I was sort of hoping to look like Jean Seberg as the lovely American study-abroad student in Breathless

But I kind of feel more like Mary Martin in Peter Pan.

All this, and not even blonde. Well, someday you can judge for me. My public.


Anonymous said...

Peter pan? could be worse. i have had worse! remember what a lovely neck you have, so that is good. oh, but maybe you need sunblock now? oh wait, it gives you cancer, too. I think the P in Public should be upper case, and, in Pepys' era, should have a k at the end. I love you@yourhairisalwayspretty.com from mom

Good God, Woman! Pull yourself together! said...

I can't possibly leave as great a comment as your mother, so I will not even try. But I will use this forum to shamelessly display my new tattoo to you. it is smacks of the philosophic and the politic and is completely unliterary, gross! judge me endlessly!