Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sam and I experience esperpentismo on cat street.

Sam´s terrible haircut enjoys a set by Alba, the pretty girl who plays with Pastor sometimes.

Los Delirantes (Andres, Oscar, and Jesus) rehearse in La Peña (José´s flamenco bar up the street from my house). You cannot see Sam´s terrible haircut, but it is thoroughly enjoying the spectacle, oh yes. It is a thrilled, terrible haircut.

Would you like to see pictures of Darling Sammy smiling? Standing next to funny graffiti? Standing next to funny advertisements? Standing next to funny spanish girls? Sitting? Would you like to see my brand new housemate Yoko, also with dreads? Would you like to see Lizzy trying to open a bottle of wine with a pen and a metro trash can? Yes. Check out "Sammy here" at

And no, sorry, sorry, no pictures of Joanna Newsom at Neuclub. She was exquisite, exQUISite, exquisite. She was formerly quisite.


Anonymous said...

ooh, just spent a happy happy half hour looking at the last few fluggershy photoshoots, oooh! so cute! soooo wonderful to see what you see, and to enjoy sam's unusual haircut in many settings! I love the whole sets of them! And all the peoples in them, though, truly, i growl a little. they all get to hug you. but not the mama. not the papa. phwoof on the huggers. pity the poor papamom. no hugs for us. but still, very nice long lookings through your camera. Tell your camera to take more photos of your, the cameraoperator. love, from, Per

Anonymous said...

oh sam!...oh you!...oh golly.

I'm such a fan of your bloggingness....and soo bad at keeping in have permission to slap me via internet!
Love Allison