Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh tiny rainy California, thanks. Though two weeks of seeing people, no other plans, somehow never allows for as much time as one'd like with each-- still I got to see my family and some beloved friends, and phew thank goodness I did. The facts be that though I live in a sweet sitch in Madrid, home/reality/whatever is wherever my loved ones are. And a family is becoming, not just had. My family is becoming a family better at accepting itself. Thank you for all of you welcoming me.

Saturday and Sunday back in Madrid were pretty unreal feeling, really, but Monday I had three classes with sweethearts and felt much more present. Ivan made dinner and Ewan bought the bread and he and I cleaned up--charming, normal, sustainable.

All of a rush home: a hole in the clouds! I LOVE to fly cntnntl: they feed me meat and white bread and iceberg lettuce and something sweet, they give me a wee scratchy cushion an ugly blue blanket. Sometimes they pay me to bump myself from a flight! Cntnntl!

Sun flowers sun windows--but days and days of rain.

A behind the scenes shot of Posie's dance-date-distortion art project, which can be viewed on facebook.

Mama kept all her hair on for my arrival. It washed mostly off all of a sudden one evening. She put all the clumps on a paper towel and we all came and witnessed. I can't imagine not having been there. Hair loss should maybe be the least of cancer, under the pain and the exhaustion and the fear, but its visual impact is significant. The woman without hair is the image of cancer, and mama is not otherwise the image of cancer. She's tired, but she looks healthy, so I think the hair loss was something we all needed to see.

Here, with hair and flowers:

Hi, Beautiful.


5 days went swimming by and I got no pictures of Monroe! Said Ma: "Oh, so it's like he was never here." Mmph.


Anonymous said...

beautiful and lovely and caption'd and thanks you

Anonymous said...

That was your anonymous dad commenting! Here is your anonymous mom! I prefer mousmom, even though i look like a baby bald eaglet. Thank you for the photos and the commentary and your visit which was six christmases and nine birthdays all rolled into one on the Level of Fun! and Blessing! (the Level of Blessing, have you been there? There's always oil for the bread...) Love, 'mousmom

aimee said...

my dear per, the mousmom you are beautiful as ever a woman was, even missing the hairs on your head. it makes me miss you more.

sophia this blog is lovely, it's so nice to finally see what is happening in your life.

i love you both!

Anonymous said...

aimee and i are greedy for more sophia treats

always anonymously, a-non mous, no? a

pops, with love

Anonymous said...


a non mous e rosi <--