Thursday, January 29, 2009

Merry Christmas! Well. I finally picked up my Pitre-treats from the p-p-post office, and oh-my-gosh how delighted forever. Items: one gorgeously houndstoothed cap (pictured on head) which comes JUST in time, as my ears were cold; one gorrrgeous painting of my name (pictured on door) which triggered a massive synaesthetic episode (shh) and features a supine stick chick and golden dollar signs, which, now that I'm a big self-supporting teacher adult, are way appropriate. Thank you Henry! Lastly and way not leastly, yow, a mix[ed] cd (pictured in the air) from the apparently super hip Zach. Dang, Zack. "Like Humans Do" is one of my favorite songs, and you are right on about M.I.A, Gnarles Barkley, and oh man did I mention the White Stripes were like my first "real" concert experience (even though I was sober and my whole family was there). So--delicious.

Thank you! I think this is a photo of me trying to show off the hat and the hat brooch (pictured on sweater) and the sign and my great nose all at once.


Anonymous said...

Even though you were sober and your whole family was there, really? Let's concede that all families bum one's concert high. But concert high: there you go. Musical rhythmic apotheosis of form--can't one just get intoxicated on that?

You know who, with love and see ya Saturday

Sophie said...

Papa! For cripessake. I wasn't saying y'allses presence burned my concert high--what does "sober" mean, anyway? I was delirious the whole time--- I was saying that baby's first "real concert experience" does not usually involve parents and popcorn. Or siblings and sobriety.

Anonymous said...

"bum," Baby Bum--that's the point; we burned nothing. Remember that dude throwing his lit cigarettes into the brush below the bleachers? We'd've been the kindling. Even as I saw you and Brittany dancing happily five rows closer to the action, I was negotiating with your mom what to do about the suicidal arsonist, who was freaking Rose out as well.

I shoulda bummed a cigarette off him. It was a good time, finally, and after all, and now.


Anonymous said...

Your mother loves the picuter (good typo) so much especially since i don't have to mourn over it not one tiny bit because soon you will be here and i can admire hat, brooch, nose, and hear all about the sign on the door. remember that book jacket on rosie's door that is called The Sign on Rosie's Door? you needed your own sign.
love love and antsyticipatedly, mom

Anonymous said...

I vote for a new picture and legend. I also recommend the French documentary _The Class_.

Y tu? (Please insert frontal upside-down question mark.)

Ariel said...

Bugga bugga boo! I miss you!! Bugga bugga bee! Come back to me! Bugga bugga ba! How are ya? Bugga bugga bay! Be happy today!