Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lightning! then the nightmare. and loosening!

I spent last night with some kids I am tentatively calling my new friends, all actually friends and classmates of my b'loved housemate Ivan. Ivan is great, awesome, we get along super. I'm always glad when he's home--which he rarely is, since he is a sort of architecture grad student and spends all his time studying in this studio he and his fellow future architects rent collectively as a study/party space. No classes: just working on some huge final project for a year. Hannah and I went to the New Years Eve party he and his archipals threw collectively in the studio, since which very enjoyable occasion I've felt welcomed by all. Ivan and I spent most of yesterday making pizza dough, and topping shopping (creme fraiche white sausage eggplant sweet baby tomatoes). About nine people altogether ate mmmm seven pizzas of varying circumference + fatness. Almost everyone collaborated on one or another pizza. Oh it was very nice, my and Ivan's first pizza making though his girlfriend is Italian and everything. Someday I'll picture put up.


Anonymous said...

And more lovely oneiric sunshine--
the snow below stays mainly for the show

just snow

Anonymous said...

Your pop is so anonymous that he didn't even sign that "oneiric" remark....although simply using that word marks the comment as His.

AHHHH, sure wish you had instant audio feed for when i open your blog and a new one is there...i'd say the sound is somewhere between Stuck Pig and Merry-go=round-WHEEEEEEEE. It stirs the cat. She chose to salute my gleeeeesqueeeeal with a giant jump from the top of the ikea wardrobe to the top of the printer, WHOMPH.
I love your photos. The first one made my heart stutter. Now, please explain the whereabouts of the meat and the others for your fambly. Lubbitylubbitylove, from mum

alerts said...
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Anonymous said...

wow! what a scandal! someone commented on a photo and an administrator censored it! wow! now of course it will remain tantalizingly...deleted