Friday, January 02, 2009

Ronda! With Nick and the adorable Rhodescholars.

Dear Christmas punkins,

There will be more photos. Especially this one:


Anonymous said...

I will not look at the photos to come, especially that one.

Much love . . . forthcoming.

The Usual Suspect

Anonymous said...

now if i had been traveling with a bunch of fun people including one named Nick, i would have far too often quoted, "...One! Two! and through and through,the vorpal blade went snickersnack! he left it dead, and with its head, he came galumphing back!" So maybe Nick would not want to travel with me snickersnacking in the background. The BACKGROUND of all the photos, by the way, toaaaaatally awesome (the extra a for the sound). wow! why didn't i go to more places in Spain with my daughter? OHO! i mean, lookit all the places to go in Spain with my daughter! love, mum