Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dar-lings. It's been a nice weekend. I still fear deathly grippe, so I've been drinking tea. No table wine, no terrible beer. Folks and I stayed out until 5am or so dancing last night, I lightly caffeinated.

Trifles: The caffeine in tea is (colloquially) called teína. In Spanish thought coffee, café, has caféina, and tea, té, has teína. Makes sense!

Klarifikation Korner: Mama, the photos I put up here are either taken by others or taken by my computer itself. My camera, and therefore my [missing] camera-computer cord, play no part. Thus the abundance of pictures of my room and window.

Thank you. Please enjoy this memory of Ronda, which, remember, memory, Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new photo, for the gentle reminder that your camera cord is still somewhere no more than forty feet from where we read your blog, for the lesson on te, and for the brand-new way to lick a cold: stay out till 5 a.m. in the winter air accompanied by friends and tunes.

I'd try it, My Darlingest, were I not already numb and deaf. A few friends I still have, but--those convential scaredy cats--they sleep off their colds rather than coldly kiss off sleep.

I've had caffeine, so I'm allowed to te-ase.



Anonymous said...

Not enough caffeine, apparently--meant "conventional." Tea-se away, you.