Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dearest beloveds,

Look what Ewan did:

That is allllll the cooking salt in the house, now with glass! Now we have only sea salt and salt of the earth.

Here is what else Ewan and Ivan did: lots of favors for me yesterday. Salt of the earth!

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Anonymous said...

The perspective is such that the salt seems to measure all the floor that a bookcase directly across from the sink? is this OUR house? oh no, too few dishes in the sink. hi Ewan! Isn't it e u w e n? like owen, only much more vowelly? much love from mom
p.s. big hugs to Mr. E and Mr. I for the help they gave you with tickets and etcetera. What dears. We shall send them something claremonty. (a horror of street parking? absolute certainty that one's hometown is the best in the U.S.? the courier? somecrust cookies? ) You come home and help me decide. love, salt andpepper mom