Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I came here with a little rolling suitcase and a huge duffel bag Papa sweetly donated. Since arrival I've bought a current converter, a permanent shopping bag, a shirt and some socks. I got a coat and some sweaters free at a beautiful squat which is now being shut down, before I had the chance to give anything back. I have swapped books, in a casual take-these-I-will-take-this manner which may or may not have augmented my collection. Christmas brought me some curiosities, and I hear the mail is bringing me more. That said: I don't have a lot of stuff here.

But I realized--as I hung my sheets to dry everywhere in my room, the rain outside having mooted the laundry lines--if everything one owns is multicolored, one really only needs about half the stuff. Look how that space filled:


Anonymous said...

I think the daddy-donated duffel bag'd blend in with the clash of colors. Or it could contain them. I wish I were there to help you decide.
You had light when you snapped the shot; we had lovely rain. I'm about to have soup. You?

Trying to convert from Carepages to Wordpress,


Anonymous said...

Grandma is going to love this posting! I love it! I love your little muggy on the table...and the table...and the poems that surely rest there ofttimes. two t's? duffel/ duffle? Do you have a currency converter to go with your current converter? silly string of queries from your mama not so weary!
p.s. are those your sheets? from here? i don't quite place them, what color are they? p.s. again, i want to send your nice brown coat. may i? if i clean it and put lavendar in the pockets? lavender? yes, der. love, mom oh p.s. again again, i vetoed the new blog. i am uncomfy enough with the old one, and i just went to the trouble of deleting everything that made me cry the first time, so let's just leave it as it is. grumble mumble. If my life gets interesting, then i will make a proper blog with photos, like yourn.

Anonymous said...

not me again...but, sophie, how do you upload the photos from your camera if you don't have your camera cord? Evidently, they are lost easily. Bonnie just lost hers, too. maybe you just stood between camera and computer and willed the pixels to walk your back....
love, your fairy loving mom