Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I suppose I ought write bout El Patio Maravillas.

The Patio is a squat in hipsterville Madrid. It's the most beautiful squat I've ever seen, and one of the loveliest liveliest places in all Madrid. The middle is an open patio, and all the floors above have outside passages, so the activity is nicely centered. It's full of beautifully executed graffiti, ditzy politics, concerts, workshops, blah blah. The aesthetic is comparable to Smog/Feitler at Bard, but, dare I say, the people are friendlier.

[Blah blah: There is a hackers workshop which has hooked up two telephones from which to make free international phone calls. There's a daycare. There's a restaurant and a pretty hoppin bar. There's a free clothing store which I use as a second closet, and a free bookstore which is pretty useless. There is legal advice and free Spanish classes for immigrants (and think, think how goddamn useful and kind it is to provide that service in a country so flooded with folk who literally floated over on a raft), as well as free English, German, and French classes. There's a rooftop garden, a bike workshop, an art workshop, and clubs for yoga, dance, queerness, political everything, yes.]

Like an anarchist Small World...

I've started going once a week to the German Stammtisch which, now that the weather is gorgeous, usually meets at dusk right here in the central patio, in front of the bike workshop. Most patio activities happen after seven pm. People spill out onto (not over) the balcony passageways, or bring chairs out and conduct their workshops/meals around us. Today the English Convo. class sat RIGHT next to us and I got v. confused.

Anyway, dear Government, please don't shut down El Patio Maravillas.


Anonymous said...

Why would El Patio Maravillas be shut down? Because nothing's free, not even It's a Small World? In this small world, there must be some exchange and trade. Looks that way from over here--and looks keepable. Thanks for the pics and notes.

stately and small,


Anonymous said...

ooh! great entry! i love it! gonna go admire those paintings some more! love, mom

Anonymous said...

I really like these pics. If I knew how to turn them into desktop pictures, I would. Thanks, you.

Hark RSS said...

sophie where is that patio? what part of madrid? barrio? cool cool cow.


Sophie said...

pa: cuz it's a squat! they get shut! thats what happs.

ra: malasaƱa basically. noviciado metro. sweet beans.

Anonymous said...

If they get shut, then best get some more pics up, yes?

love and all that squat