Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Yow!

So here's the news: last Sunday was Ma's Birthday. This Sunday is Posie's. Katie Jane Extraordinaire is here in Madrid and we're trading gossip. Tonight midnight we bus to San Sebastian, city I have been jonesing to visit since I damned got here. Saturday my student who reminds me of Hannah meets the Prez of the Dominican Republic, whom Hannah has also met. Sunday midnight I come back and teach again. A pigeon just landed on my balcón. This whole week has felt like vacations.


Anonymous said...

To have a single week feel like a vacation and a vacation and some more vacations is special. Whether it's more special than having held the hand of a hand that's held the hand of the Dominican Republic's President most people couldn't say, but I can: because it was Hannah's hand and because one of the vacations in a single week featured a Katie Jane, they're really quite both awfully similarly special.

Anonymous said...

my first response got so lonely i had to post again

ready when you are, dearie