Tuesday, November 10, 2009

guys today one student who was also my student last year called the berlin wall "The Fallen Fence."


Anonymous said...

"The Fallen Fence," a translation or a deliberate downsizing, or is there no difference, can we but translate?

Here's an e-mail-like inclusion: you were to call home today. Any reason you didn't? Too busy dodging falling fencers (ich bin ein berliner)?

Oh that I could be wit and not just half.

But I love you.


Anonymous said...

Criminy, if you had phoned, nobody would have been home, since your pop left at 730 am and was not home until 930 pm!!!!! and your mom was gone with the baby all morning and barely at home all afternoon or early evening! so, had you phoned, the machine would have cradled you, not your parents loving ears. ciao bella, from mom