Tuesday, November 17, 2009

La EKKA is hosting a Free Market this Sunday. Baskets and buckets and barrels of free clothing, free coffee, art for to freely view music to freely hear.

Also Juliana will be doing her truly funny SCUM Manifesto one-woman show. ¡JulĂ­!

I am to play the ukulele and lose my voice and forget things.

The picture is NOT retouched. It is lit up cuz the natch light was weak. It has nothing to do with I cannot balance a ukulele on my head and look pretty simultaneously.


Didac Udagoien said...

... or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom & I gasped at your beauty, your balance, your prolific blog-streak. Our gasping is quite objective. Our gullibility is there to be exploited (i.e., we believe almost everything we see). My only concern regards the uke. It's not a stunt guitar. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

your ukelele is like an earring! for your head!
love, mom!
p.s. who is didac? nothing didactic about 'whatever"

Rose said...

oh good luck!/how was it?
did you will you play jolie or maybe even the beatles?

you do look pretty but even more so without a ukelele on your head! that is like wearing make-up

Anonymous said...
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James Allen said...

the instrument ties together the seen and the unseen parts of the photo-as the function of art in making visible the ephemeral world