Friday, December 11, 2009

Papa said photos, put up photos. So! While I wait for photos of Lisboa from Hannah, and photos of floor-mosaicking from Rocío, and photos of last summer from Elen...let's look at pictures of music.

Did I even mention how nice my single day back in Berlin and reunion with Heiko was? It was about as pleasant as something exciting can be. We just mainly were near guitars. I sang along with Heiko at somebody's birthday party and at this concert here at a patio bar/gallery:

We are in a box. The door is supposed to be closed, the musicians only visible by screen and peephole, but since all the kids at the event were playing inside when it was time for Heiko to perform we let them stay. They played all the instruments I had been nervous about having to play while Heiko sang his songs, and then we all sang "Beat it" and it was REALLY FUN only we were all yelling and one littler girl started to cry. Which is why we put children, generally, in cradles and parks and not in boom boxes.

Onward! In November I met these lovely Swedish ukulelists, and because they are tall and beautiful and like Beirut and the Magnetic Fields I took them to Eszenas, that flamenco/tea/hippie/unlicensed place I always talk about.

They are Martin and Inti, and for this month we are in a band called The Autism. We hope the name does not sound mean, it is meant in homage.

So this is what some people look like these days!


Anonymous said...

ooooh, super chicsta, so glad to seeya! don't understand the first photo but pop will explain it to me. rosie is home! it is raining! everyone on your blog needs to know that you will soon come home to a soggy house and yr big ole fambly!
love love, me mom

Anonymous said...

The photos will be instrumental in the Los Angeles International Airport pick-up. By way of explaining the first photo to your mother, who is and always has been (even during chemo) way smarter than I, I'd say that you and one or more other "musicians" (forgive the quotations--I don't know who might be in the "box," nor do I know whether you're hubristic enough to call yourself a musician, though I do, daily, and boastfully so) are inside the structure in question. Who took the photo? Whose impersonation of Michael Jackson made the little child cry? Who was able to appromixate Eddie Van Halen's guitar soloing in those circumstances? Many thanks for these photos and words, and love,


James Allen said...

Blessings on your whole sweet happy family,
somebody that wandered by,,