Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secret surprise!

Beginning: Mary Kate cut my hair! So see here's how it went down: I was shaggy, so shaggy. Then! It was the first day of school. So! I hopped on a bus and went to school, and there were maybe three teachers and six students and no coffee and it turned out the governor had decided that due to snow (snap out of it, europe) classes were canceled BUT schools were not closed. Yep: all schools must open, but no teaching allowed. So! I and the other auxiliar de conversación were sent home (we took cookies from the teachers lounge to make up for the 7 euro transportation costs) (not that we won't be paid for that day) while some of the other teachers who had not listened to the radio that morning stayed and watched the stranded kids whose parents had also not listened to the radio that morning.

End: So! That's why my hair is different.

okay Middle: Sooo I called Mary Kate, who also works for a snowstruck public school, and with sweets and coffee manipulated her into spending oh maybe an hour slivering my hair off. Mary Kate, as the Spanish say: muak muak muak.


Sophie said...

P.S. I love it, BUT nobody at work said ANYTHING---EXCEPT!!!!! for my now favorite fourth grade boy, who gave me a thumbs up and whispered, with heartwarming sweetness and inaccuracy, "you shaved your head!"

Anonymous said...


Please tell Mary Kay she did swell. I like the look.

Love and muak muaks,