Thursday, January 21, 2010

These are my poem a day poems.

Every Day

There will be more.

Every day there will be more.


Anonymous said...


When I left my building tonight, after teaching and some long office hours, I was met by thunder and lightning and hard hail. There was poetry in that, albeit some inconvenience, too--but not as personally inconvenient to me as not knowing where to find your everyday poems every day, unless the brief blog was a poem (a representative poem? a tease? a nyah nyah? a muak muak [sp?]?).

Punctuated by heavy weather,


Anonymous said...

Dearest Dude:

Such a neophyte am I. Okay, after my bitter screed, I clicked on some colorful letters (avocado squint) and was led to your legacy. Good to see you're getting some feel-back and no worries, I never got close to the sticky poem about, well, you know.

The Usual Suspect

Anonymous said...

With succulent regard to the Sunday poem of January 24:

The Slow Food Movement thanks you.