Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sam's life in Uganda:

"My average day:
1. I eat bread and coffee
2. Walk up and down hills to Buiga sunrise
3. Perform tasks like poster making, class teaching, handywork, etc
4. Help teach computer class
5. Eat beans and posha (Posha is maize mash)
6. More tasks
7. Maybe play volleyball with friends
8. Long walk home
9. Help in making fire pit by starting a fire in the designated area
10. Make dinner or buy dinner and Senator beer with Adibo (the security gaurd)
11. Sleep
12. Other things include washing dishes, taking malaria pills,
showering (Bucket of water), etc."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This list gives me a completer picture of
Sam's days. I hope he helps complete the picture by sending some photos of working, walking, playing, and pill-popping.

It'd be nice to have a picture of Adibo, too.

Thank you for the information, Sophia.