Friday, March 26, 2010

They don't sell white eggs here.

So I used beet juice and old wine to dye some brown eggs murky.

Then I dropped them. That was an accident.

They're very tender and lovely inside. But are they easter?


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Sophia! It may be the season for eggs to look springy, but they aren't. Lovely sequence, though.



Anonymous said...

The egg transformations are very nice indeed, but my favorite part of this blog is your beautiful hand! love, mom

Anonymous said...

offering a ghost in the shell
beauty in the beeten
and broken
Don't scramble so!
Today is a good day to dye.

Rose said...

The egg-the first child, solitary, birthed without problems.
The trio-had the second one lived, there may have been 4 but then there was an accident..
Eggs-an accident, but now a larger family that has since invited accidents other than their own into the family, forever growing larger and complicated and more beautiful.