Monday, February 22, 2010

Dani, 3rd grade's "bad boy" (cute glam shorthand for "unparented neglected and probably hit kid with lots of aggression and no attention span") (who I think has made a lot of progress this year, what with special tutoring etc., and the first time he raised his hand to answer a question I nearly cried, and since then he has paid more and more attention in class, although his contributions are usually shouted word-associations)(also he has a rattail and laughs "ha-ha" like the simpson's bully) drew me a picture.

Pictured: two blue clouds snowing on a centerpage mountain with a brown peak. A sun shies away from the clouds, openmouthed. The mountain says "R" (scribbled out) (ha, was it originally for the other teacher's assistant? Her name starts with "R") and "Para Soufi." Spongebob stands front and center, proffering hugs. To the right, in a sheer skirt and either yellow boots with striped tops or green pants with striped bottoms, I am climbing the mountain.

Do you remember how long it took to draw those "snow" pictures when you were in school? I remember the snowflakes getting bigger and bigger as I went along. Dani's are pretty even, but they don't reach the bottom of the page.

Also, can you tell? Spongebob's legs were erased and redrawn. My striped cuffs are six-tone. Kid worked on this. He put it on the teacher's desk as soon as he got in (tardy) and spent about half the class trying to signal that it was for me, then that I should open it. (Dani is about the only student in the school who hasn't figured out that I understand Spanish). After class I squatted by his desk and opened it, and he hid his face. Waaaaaaaah.


(Also it's funny that in all of 3rd grade it's the two most difficult students, I mean the two I have actually yelled at, who have drawn me pictures) (And who both think I am named Soufi).


Sophie said...

oh p.s. the concert was really fun and great etc. and now I'm invited to play at Ladyfest in may.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me something to look forward to looking at more closely, once today's long day and night are settled. So glad to hear the show went well. Now I can also look forward to finding out what Ladyfest is.



Anonymous said...

oh my Google, how i love the picture and your entry and the astonishing see through skirt thatmakes you look like an Alexander McQueen model. And how wise you are to just love this kid. He's got artistic intelligence and he sounds like Joey Pigza..maybe someone will be able to settle him into a more cooperative position with the rest of the world without drugging his head dead. We will hope. Much love to you, from mama

Rachel said...

It is also possible that the R was supposed to be a P, but he spaced out at the moment of writing, so had to start the word over.

Rose said...

I used to color my clouds blue, too