Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Explaining "As much use as a chocolate fireguard" to an adult student:

"So a fireguard is a little iron wall, and you put it in front of the fire for safety. So the children can't get near."

-"Aaah, yes, I know.

"So, how useful is a chocolate fireguard?"

-"Not useful!"

"Good! And why not?" (I want to see if he knows the word "melt.")

-"It is not useful! The children will eat it!"


Anonymous said...

If I liked chocolate better, I'd, too.

Hark RSS said...

i like stuff you say. well done.

Anonymous said...

wait a minnit! a day ago there was a longish poem about pigeons and smidgens and today it has been replaced with a pigeon length poem, similar words, er, er, er, did you shorten it or did my memory elongate it? love, ditzy mom

Rose said...

I'd eat it too! Now you see not only children have ultra-creative-mind-opening answers..adults do too!