Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She came! And noticed things I'd never, like how the Madrid gov is hip to graywater and doesn't waste freshwater on it's public lawns nor streets. I'd only ever whined about how wastefully often the streets in the center are hosed down.

And noticed, on her own, things I had once noticed, but since forgotten. Like the extraordinary giant in the Cathedral of Toledo. When I went to the Cathedral, as a student, I had thought the giant mural represented Goliath (he being the only biblical huge guy I knew of) (is the respectful term for giants "big people"?) but was laughed at by a friend from these parts, who explained that the dude was lucky, a Saint whose image conferred blessings, and therefore was often represented out of scale for extravisibility. The internet just says it's Saint Christopher; apparently he was very big. Who knows!

There's old Cristobal. I think he's especially striking in person because HIS person is the entirety of the fresco. No background, yknow?

Ms. Aunt Darling also enjoyed and photographed many of my favorite places and people in Madrid, luckily for both of us:

The Reina SofĂ­a extension entrance.

A charming fachada near my neighbourhood.

My Swedes, at their goodbye party, in a beautiful ancient bar.

Post-prandial silliness with my housemates.

And the same with Lolin! Who, along with all my friends/Spain, was very taken with my beautiful aunt.


Anonymous said...


(a) Did you get "post-prandial" from me?
(b) You have outed your mother and me as parents who did not raise you with Catholic iconography.
(c) I love these photos and your commentary--and love and hugs to Katie.
(d) "fachada" is more appetizing-sounding than "facade" (can't get the little symbol in there), although "facade" is more musical-sounding than "fachada," or at least to my ears of extraterrestrial infallibility.
(e) With respect to your everyday poems every day, they are all quadruple-reads at the minimum, not once-reads; I've counted.
(f) So flunk me.



Anonymous said...

deeto, deeto, says mamameo